Nure design currently has two table models: MIRU and LAUA.

Both come with a ceramic tabletop. This is the main material the brand works with. Ceramic has excellent features: it is resistant to high and low temperatures, scratching, stains and UVA rays, as well as being easy to clean and impermeable. In addition, it is available in a wide range of colours and textures for creating a strong yet elegant table.

Both models have steel legs with an epoxy finish available in five different colours.

The design of each model is unique. The fixed MIRU table has inclined legs (rectangular and oval) while the LAUA table can function as a fixed or extendable table, the latter with straight legs. The extension is also ceramic to match the tabletop.

Both models can be tailored to different settings and enable the customer to pick a combination that best suits their home or workplace.

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